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DKMS 2006 - Shinden Fudo Ryu



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The Daikomyosai is always a big event in the the life f the Bujinkan. This Daikoymosai was particularly exciting as it was dedicated to the study of the highest level of understanding of the Shinden Fudô Ryû Daken Taijutsu. During three days, Hatsumi Sensei with the help of the Japanese Shihan has demonstrated all thetechniques of the three levels of this fantastic school of warfare. Techniques aredemonstrated with and without the Yoroi; with and without the traditionnal weapons of the Samurai. Watching the movements of Sensei, Pedro Fleitas and Arnaud Cousergue both Shihan of the Bujinkan could not believe that Sensei just turned 75. "He is moving like a young adult!". Very impressive and the proof that Budô can be used veryl ate during your life. A DVD bonus shows the Final party in honor of Hatsumi Sensei's 50 years anniversary of his encounter with Takamatsu Sensei. Duration 214 min. - Japanese / English - All regions - 40€