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DKMS 2002 Budo of life



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The DVD covers the techniques studied in Tôkyô during the Daikomyô Sai of 2002. The theme was the Takagi Yôshin Ryû but was an introduction of the feeling of Juppô Sesshô, theme of 2003. Juppô Sesshô is the "Ten ways of negotiation" and is the higher level of expertise to be developped in the study of martial arts. Each traditional school has a set of superior techniques called Juppô Sesshô. Hatsumi Sôke deals with his opponents in a natural manner. Apart from regular throws, hits and blows, many techniques detailed here deal with sword techniques: Daisho Sabaki and Mutô Dori techniques. 190 min. on one DVD.In Japanese with English translation.