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During the year 2001 the theme of study was the Gyokko Ryû Kosshijutsu. We have been studying the Gyokko Ryû techniques for many years, but Hatsumi Sensei taught it at a superior level during this year. The school is divided into three levels: Ten, Chi, Jin, the Kosshijutsu demonstrated this year gave a higher understanding of the inner spirit of martial arts. Each level is linked with a different Kamae including a “mudra” type of movement. At the Ten level, the techniques are linked with the earth feeling (Ten Ryaku Uchu Gassho no Kamae). At the Chi level, all techniques include the wind feeling (Fûten Goshin Gassho no Kamae) and at the Jin level, this is the water feeling (Hanno Bon Etsu no Kamae).
During the three days Hatsumi Sensei and some of his major instructors have demonstrated the techniques of the three levels, sometimes with the use of the Katana and Wakizashi. This DVD entitled “Budô no Fûsui” - the wind and water Budô - A very good DVD on the spirit of the Gyokko Ryu system. An amazing DVD 
Colour - 180 min. Narrated by Masaaki Hatsumi, English translation